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An Integrated Slope Stability Analysis
Program for Personal Computers



XSTABL provides an integrated environment for performing slope stability analyses on an IBM personal computer, or compatible. The program combines an intuitive user friendly interface and the analytical philosophy behind the popular slope stability program, STABL, developed at Purdue University. An analysis may consist of a search for the most critical failure surface or the determination of the factor of safety of a single surface with one of the many rigorous limit equilibrium methods incorporated into XSTABL. With each analysis, graphical screen plots may be saved for later printing or for inclusion into other software applications such as word processors. The integrated menu-driven interface provides intuitive access to descriptive tables for data entry, allowing the user to enter, edit or review slope data quickly. While assembling the data, the user may view the slope geometry and access context-sensitive help. It is expected that this approach will minimize potential errors and provide a more appropriate data preparation method for the less familiar user.


An Intel-PC, MS Windows OS, a CD drive (for installing the software); at least 440 kb of available RAM in DOS; for hardcopy output: HP LaserJet compatible printer. Files may also be saved in WPG or HPGL graphical formats and then imported into third party software for printing.



A license to use a fully operational version of XSTABL on a single computer is available at a cost of US$ 450.00. This license fee includes telephone support and the option for future upgrades at a nominal charge for registered users. For organizations interested in licensing multiple copies, a special discounted rate is available. . The complete program may be ordered by contacting Dr. Sunil Sharma (208-885-6403) or by writing to: Interactive Software Designs, Inc, 953 N. Cleveland Street, Moscow, ID 83843, U.S.A.

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