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Running XSTABL under Microsoft Vista, MS-Win 7 and MS-Win 8

MS-Vista, Win-7, abd WIn-8 do not allow DOS programs, such as XSTABL, to access the hardware directly. If you wish to run under the new Microsoft operationg system, you will have to use a DOS emulator, such as the freely available DOSBox0.73. XSTABL work fine within this emulated environment.

Setup using DOSBox

  1. Install XSTABL to the default folder, c:\xstabl.
  2. Download and install the DOSBox software (www.dosbox.com)
  3. Download and run the executable file "DOSBox-xstabl.exe". This will essentially copy the configuration file to "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.74" and will automatically start XSTABL upon launching DOSBox-074.
  4. To start XSTABL in this emulation mode, double-click the DOSBox icon on your desktop. Please note that the XSTABL icon will not function properly.
  • NOTE: If you have had problems running XSTABL under the Windows-XP operating system, you may wish to try the DOSBox option.

Printing XSTABL Plots

Until recently, MS-Word could be used to import the WPG files created by XSTABL for subsequent printing. However, due to security concerns, this feature may not operate properly on your computer. To overcome this limitation, I would like to recommend that you download the free software "My ViewPad" to view and print the saved WPG files, or to convert them to the more popular JPG format. I have successfully used this simple software package with great success.

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